How to automate hammer ex nihilo

Broken Ores.

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Yes, my password is: To use a hammer simply break a block using it, just as using a pickaxe. Automated Hammerer vs Pulverizer Enderio item conduits for inserting and retrieving the blocks, cheap to make thanks to loot bags but you can place the power and item conduits in the same block space unlike thermal dynamic ducts.

I can upload a couple of pictures tomorrow of the set ups I use, one for sky factory and the other for different modpack i play, that way you can see how clean, or messy, they are, but for sky factory it is recommended to use the ender io conduits. The pulverisers can be replaced with SAG mills if you want to use them.

You forgot to add agrarian skies 2 to the list.

how to automate hammer ex nihilo

Important note: If you make sand and dust, just place the pulverizers next to each other and auto insert into the next machine, The same can be done with the SAG mill Worm mentioned. The Iron Hammer recipe - replace the iron ingots for other materials. I then searched this forum for anything but nothing.

how to automate hammer ex nihilo

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how to automate hammer ex nihilo

F4lconwings , Aug 15, 2016. The auto hammer is best used to automate the process of turning ore gravel to ore sand and ore sand to ore dust as it can take fortune upgrades to increase the amount of crushed ore and crushed dust pieces.

how to automate hammer ex nihilo

If you can't interpret what I am trying to say, find somebody who can. So here i am asking it instead; What is the better Automated hammerer or pulverizer to get cobble into gravel? Log in or Sign up. No, create an account now. Honorary Member.

Theme created by Justin S. Probably not the best set up, but it hasn't failed me yet just output into chests then extract from them and practice setting up the conduits on a spare one pulveriser or something, I had to do that until i firgured out what was wrong, noidea what i did wrong though xD. It's more worthwhile to get several trees growing so that you get saplings faster. Dec 2015 Reputation: Still some things to be added. Please select one: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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how to automate hammer ex nihilo