How to breed archangel

Encountered a bug or experiencing technical difficulties? Chris Scouten wrote: It was my winning combination, after many tries with prairie or tribal and fire... How to breed the Archangel Dragon? Luck only goes so far ; Concentrate on the things you can control.

Someone else said it in their signature but... This is how I breed the dagons I want with the least amount of what I dubbed consequence dragons Like the common Smoke is the consequence dragon to the uncommon Bee etc.

Sus Cripciones wrote: Sus Cripciones Junior Member Posts 6.

Archangel Dragon

SekziAthena wrote: Search by forum name. When in doubt, FEED your dragons! Dont give up!

how to breed archangel

Thanks man! First attempt with ur combo and bingo!

Gregk wrote: Having troubles in Dragolandia? More than half the dragons you can Easily get are stronger and more effective in all aspects in the game.

how to breed archangel

To many out comes which it did. If you're not breeding what you want try leveling up your dragons or yourself in the game. Hope this helps! Sus Cripciones. Gameloft and the Gameloft logo are trademarks of Gameloft in the U. Idoine91 wrote: Previous Next.

Still no luck with breeding an Archangel dragon! Search by forum content.

how to breed archangel

Such terrible luck. Legendary dragons are not even worth the time and effort.