How to build a raised deck garden

how to build a raised deck garden

Step 3 Position the second board and secure with 63mm solid composite deck screws from the top of the second board into the risers. Smooth or Ridged Decking Planks The surface finish you choose will depend on the look you want for your deck. If you are digging to place posts in concrete then take care, as you may be near drains etc in your garden.

In woodland fallen trees need to decompose to make way for new plants, but that is not want we want to happen to our deck! A step depth the vertical distance between each step of between 150 and 180mm if building your own riser. More Help. To do this, cut the board to length and clamp it in position in front of the deck posts, overhanging the sub-frame.

Raised Bed Deck Garden

For diagonally laid timber boards, the centres should measure 300mm. Just be careful not to get the wood preservative onto plants or into fish ponds. Follow us on Pinterest. The corner posts should not be right in the corners but offset to one side by the width of a post.

how to build a raised deck garden

For the garden box I used new untreated 2x10s. My brother and I tore out about 12 feet of deck in icy, snowy January to have a place for the plumbers to get their backhoe in to dig for the water line.

It's important to attach balustrades or railings to a deck after you've built the sub-frame, but before you lay the deck boards.

how to build a raised deck garden

Step 3 Continue round the deck fixing the joists to each post with two countersunk coach screws. I cut it to size and stapled it in place.

How to build a raised deck

You can choose various colour finishes for decking stains and varnishes including clear finishes. Check that they don't coincide with the eventual positions of the joist hangers, and measure and plan the position of the holes so that the bolts are secured into the brickwork and not the mortar. Read our Buyer's guide to decking Work out how high you would like the balustrade to be and cut the wooden spindles down to size if necessary, bearing in mind all safety considerations and Building Regulation requirements.

Hardwood decking can be made from woods that you will have heard of, such as Oak, Cedar or Teak, or newly popular Iroko, but there are other species such as Ipe, Balau, Garapa and Cumaru, and no doubt others as we need to source woods from more sustainable plantations.

how to build a raised deck garden