How to concelebrate the eucharist in scripture

It was Christ's will, moreover, that this sacrament be a pledge of our future glory and our everlasting happiness and, likewise, a symbol of that one body of which he is the head cf.

how to concelebrate the eucharist in scripture

I", 48; Duchesne, "Origines", 167. Holy Communion as an Act of Faith 12. The deacon is not mentioned. For instance, for Rome's Chrism Mass, which gathers about a thousand priests, a large number of deacons, vested in dalmatics, present the patens and chalices to the priests who all remain in their places.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass

Should there be any mishap, for example, if the consecrated wine is spilled from the chalice, the area should be washed and the water poured into the sacrarium. Concelebration is the rite by which several priests say Mass together, all consecrating the same bread and wine. He receives gifts of bread and wine from the faithful, offers the sacrifice to God, and returns to them the very Body and Blood of Christ, as from the hands of Christ himself.

A person who is conscious of grave sin is not to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord without prior sacramental confession except for a grave reason where there is no opportunity for confession.


Holy Communion may be distributed by intinction in the following manner: Fortescue, Adrian. This bread and chalice were given to his disciples at the Last Supper.

how to concelebrate the eucharist in scripture

The chalice may never be left on the altar or another place to be picked up by the communicant for self-communication except in the case of concelebrating bishops or Priests , nor may the chalice be passed from one communicant to another. The revised Missale Romanum , third typical edition, significantly expands those opportunities when Holy Communion may be offered under both kinds.

On the Doctrine and Worship of the Eucharist September 3, 1965 , no. Electi in Episc. Finally an Eastern deacon sent me an interesting comment on the role of the deacon in presenting the chalice and hosts to priests during concelebrations: Cyril of Jerusalem assists the Church even today in understanding this great mystery:.

The sacred vessels are to be purified by the Priest, the Deacon or an instituted acolyte. Cyril of Jerusalem assists the Church even today in understanding this great mystery: The Deacon returns to the altar with the Priest and collects and consumes any remaining fragments.

how to concelebrate the eucharist in scripture

The Church's unchanging teaching from the time of the Fathers through the ages—notably in the ecumenical councils of Lateran IV, Constance, Florence, Trent, and Vatican II—has witnessed to a constant unity of faith in the presence of Christ in both elements.

Thus the Fathers frequently warned the faithful that by relying solely on their senses they would see only bread and wine. The General Instruction then indicates that the Diocesan Bishop may lay down norms for the distribution of Communion under both kinds for his own diocese, which must be observed.

how to concelebrate the eucharist in scripture

The presence on the altar of a single chalice and one large paten can signify the one bread and one chalice by which we are gathered "into one Body by the Holy Spirit.

Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium: GIRM no. The practice of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion waiting to receive Holy Communion until after the distribution of Holy Communion is not in accord with liturgical law.

Guild Press, 1966]. Eucharistic assembly synaxis , action of thanksgiving, breaking of the bread, memorial, holy sacrifice, Lord's Supper, holy and divine Liturgy, Holy Communion, and Holy Mass.