How to gain confidence in skateboarding

how to gain confidence in skateboarding

My last little piece of wisdom is to remember that being afraid of getting hurt means that you are SMART. What I personally learned from my life experience is that those who are naturally or genetically confident are not afraid to try new things, fall a few times or even break some bones. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit.

How to Conquer Fear of Skateboarding

When I first started skating stairsets this was a huge problem for me to overcome. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Visualize Success See yourself reaching your goals daily. It will take time to learn tricks, become engaged, balanced and masterful.

Skate Tips: 3 Tips To Improve Your Style

They think about all the bad things that could happen and that freaks them out. For some of these, you can slowly build up to having more confidence.

how to gain confidence in skateboarding

Believing in yourself: Posted by Vince Jefford at 5: Learn how your comment data is processed. Visualize yourself succeeding, believe in yourself, and commit fully. Skate some flow at your local skatepark.

Your body starts to learn what not to do.

how to gain confidence in skateboarding

Get good at stopping , and learn a few different ways to do it. I healed.

How To Break The Chickenfoot Curse | Skateboarding Fear

Try to stay positive; do not let negative emotions enter your brain. Obey GamerGod: Newer Post Older Post Home. Getting To Know Your L...

how to gain confidence in skateboarding

Conquering your Fear: Be yourself. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Subscribe to: You have to accept that fact that skateboarding is going to hurt sometimes, but not let that stop you from trying. As you learn to skate , there are some things that are just scary to do.

how to gain confidence in skateboarding