How to make hammered aluminum jewelry

Simple Hammered Wire Earrings

I definitely want to hammer now: Many women want to wear large neckpieces but cannot handle the weight. Cut off two equal-length pieces of wire.

Let it dry for 10 mins before twisting.

how to make hammered aluminum jewelry

What do you think? I was inspired by this instructable on making a shiny ball out of aluminum foil to try making other things out of foil.

Hammered Aluminum Foil Rings

Super glue is not needed if you use a wrap ring style. Thank you for the easy-to-follow directions: I love these and YES now I want to hammer too!!! Once you've rolled up your foil cylinder, start twisting it without crinkling.

how to make hammered aluminum jewelry

Hammered Wire Earrings 10. I love these earrings! However, photos and ideas that are published to this site are my protected intellectual property. Cut to size with wire cutters, so that the two ends will meet.

Thanks for sharing. I am also surprised that I have sold a few of my samples in the store where I teach!

Working with Aluminum Wire

Reply Upvote. So much fun!

how to make hammered aluminum jewelry

Mipy 10 months ago. You can get creative. Thanks for letting me know. Publishing multiple photos from a project, or including instructions with an accompanying photo are not permitted and you will be asked to remove them. Very small rhinestones can add a nice touch. Neon Bib […]. Turn it on its side and hammer it into a square rod. You may print them at home, but please do not copy or distribute them.

how to make hammered aluminum jewelry