How to make underscore on ipod touch

No wonder apple stock is going down the drain. There's really no reason to switch from the keyboard's letters layout to its numbers layout if you only need to type one measly numeral or bit of punctuation.

how to make underscore on ipod touch

Hold down the Shift key and tap the key between the 0 zero and the plus sign on your keyboard not the keypad, the main keyboard. Should I send complaints to the app writer, app owner or Apple.

how to make underscore on ipod touch

So in future I suggest you keep you mouth shut least all the hot air escape from it. Jamesy Says: It's down 45 points today.

How Do I Underscore A Word On The Computer.?

Or just point your new-to-iOS friends here if they ever complain that the iPhone's keyboard isn't as good as Android's. MC9090 symbol mc9090 motorola mc9090 underscore key wavelink type underscore underscore character mc9090 wavelink mc9090 osupdate underscore characters computer mc9090 gjohjefa6wr mc9090 ntp motarola mc9090 errora000000b underscore symbol type underscore key underscore type underscore characters mc9090 type. Helpful 1 Not Helpful Comment Flag. To, uh, underscore how convenient this is: These 9 tips can make typing on your iPhone or iPad a little easier.

Related Questions: Here's a link to this great service Good luck! How did you draw the arrow like that on the photo? Willie Cayabyab Says: Posted by schnobel on Apr 05, 2012.

how to make underscore on ipod touch

Rather than tapping each individual key when typing a word, swipe-to-type keyboards let you slide your fingertip from one key to the next. I am using an iPad Air.

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As a bonus, the iOS 8 Messages app has two microphone buttons. Tapping and holding symbol keys will yield buried typing treasure. This will only work if the cursor is in the password field. The underscore can be found at other websites as described using the.?