How to post blog on google plus

How to Blog With Google Plus

The more you get to know a core group of business supporters, the more your blog post links will likely be shared by them. No worries, Shel.

how to post blog on google plus

The more your content is shared, the better your search rankings are, and so on, and so on. Do YOU have any ideas? Getting traffic to your blog site is an integral part of marketing. Not sure that it ever will. Request a live call to get personalized advice on your landing page from a marketing expert.

how to post blog on google plus

Your Specialist: Start a NEW post, and top that with something video! Join a few of the groups that are most relevant to your products. The more eyeballs you get, the more your content will be shared.

Advise me Analyzing... Include your blog site in your Links section.

How to use Google+ to Promote your Blog

I started with some text and a video uploaded, and then I rushed in and commented in a few links to subsequent YouTube videos. For example, create circles for customers, industry leaders, partners, and team, or any other categories that suit your business needs. For example, this update to the same blog post could be targeted to a chef or restaurant- Circle: When you share your blog posts in Communities, write a brief summary of your article, include questions to engage your reader and add specific hashtags to reach your niche market.

how to post blog on google plus

Communities are very different than Circles. Share with your Circles Circles provide an amazing opportunity to share your blog posts to targeted people. Looking for inspiration?

how to post blog on google plus

Take part in the dialogues that are happening.