How to tie a cross-stitch french knot

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How-To: Fool Proof French Knot

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how to tie a cross-stitch french knot

Embroidery In other languages: You've just pulled your needle, and the floss trailing behind it, down through the center of the coil that was wrapped around the needle. Learn more... Even some experienced cross stitchers find the French knot difficult to make, and beginning stitchers are often reluctant to choose patterns containing them. Please do not copy the content of this site.

The best way to stitch a French knot

With your right hand, pull the needle and floss through to the back of the fabric. It is supposed to keep material taut and aligned.

how to tie a cross-stitch french knot

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how to tie a cross-stitch french knot

LW Linda Williams Aug 11, 2016. Hold the needle in your right hand.

how to tie a cross-stitch french knot

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how to tie a cross-stitch french knot

Holding the floss firmly in your left hand and the needle in your right, wrap the floss around the needle as many times as your pattern indicates in this example, two times. Keep practicing and you won't even have to think about the steps.

Scroll down the page to watch a video on French Knots. Made Recently. Use a color that goes with your project.