Howard diesel fuel additive

howard diesel fuel additive

Pitting is caused by free water flashing on hot metal surfaces. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. The best way to tell the diesel pump is by the grease and dirt on the pump handle. Water is forced into microscopic cracks in metal surfaces. Terms of use. Bill Howard.

howard diesel fuel additive

If you are low on fuel, go ahead and fill up. Hydrocarbons are non-polar. A consortium of gasoline companies has banded to sell high-quality gasoline using the industry-wide trademark Top Tier.

howard diesel fuel additive

Most engines for good mowers and snowblowers are four-stroke. Injector cleanliness is crucial for proper operation. Older cars without knock sensors would suffer damage from continuous use of regular gas in a car meant for premium. Pitting and Cavitation: The new material is a soft solid that precipitates out of the fuel and can rapidly clog filters or create engine deposits.

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These water droplets impact a small area with great force, causing surface fatigue and erosion. If free water is present microbial growth can proliferate, creating slimes that foul your fuel and acids that corrode your tank and fuel system.

Premium gasoline helps some not all engines develop more horsepower.

howard diesel fuel additive

Etching is caused by water-induced fuel degradation which produces hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid that "eat" metal surfaces. Top Tier Gas. What about using regular in a vehicle that calls for premium?

Problems with Water in Diesel Fuel Engines

The fuel likely came from a distributor servicing multiple stations and instances of bad gas — water in the fuel, or regular sold as premium — are still small. Gasoline all smells the same. Cavitation is caused by vapor bubbles rapidly contracting imploding when exposed to sudden high pressure, which causes them to condense back into a liquid.