Ingrid oliver doctor who series 9

Clearly mass appeal. Doctor Who series 9.

ingrid oliver doctor who series 9

Osgood is not the only one making a return either, Missy is set to send children scampering off behind the sofa again when Michelle reprises her role as the Doctor's arch-nemesis. Had the actress approved her likeness or been scanned for sculpting?

Ingrid Oliver Doctor Who Series 9 Round Table

How did Ingrid find them? But … um … Oh god, I really want to be able to answer that properly. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Details of her return are still tightly under wraps, but back in June we snuck onto set with a handful of other journalists to speak to Ingrid about returning from the dead, future costume choices and much more...

ingrid oliver doctor who series 9

DI Briggs. Doctor Who fans were rapturous after the show's makers revealed earlier this month that the UNIT scientist was being resurrected.

ingrid oliver doctor who series 9

Of course, the actress was unable to answer! Related Videos. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. The photos were taken in Barry Island, Wales on yesterday and show the stars chatting in between takes. It was amazing, watching them together. Does the actress herself have any input into this?

Doctor Who series 9: Ingrid Oliver as Osgood and Peter Capaldi spotted filming new episode

Comedy Showcase Rebecca Black. Show all 15 episodes. You are here: Then he becomes this ferocious [being].

ingrid oliver doctor who series 9

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Doctor Who: Ingrid Oliver on series 9, Osgood, Zygons

How scary can they actually be? Is Osgood herself or a Zygon?

ingrid oliver doctor who series 9

I feel really sad about that! It was quite unexpected.