Natalie appleton and liam howlett

It's certainly a brave move, to ditch the public face of the Prodigy at a crucial juncture in the band's career, but you can't imagine the news going down terribly well with the rest of the band, particularly considering that the solo projects they had launched after The Fat Of The Land - an eponymous punk band for Flint, a rap album, Hell's Kitchen, for Palmer - had resolutely failed to set the world alight.

The Prodigy: 'We don't need to reinvent ourselves'

I don't know if I could cope with that level of fame. They're so fucking annoying. He drinks alcopops. They were full of characters, people who were completely twatted.

Charly's success spawned a short-lived movement dubbed "toytown techno", in which hardcore producers raided vintage children's television for jokey inspiration. I would not have gone out with her if she was a headline-grabber. That's what I mean when I say I'm proud to be English. The lack of imagination does my brain in. Invalid Date,.

Prodigal son

Initially, they didn't understand the angle, but once they heard the music, I think Keith was relieved, actually. The pair were without 12-year old son Axel as they called into a local cafe for refreshments before resting their legs at an outdoor table. Press Association.

natalie appleton and liam howlett

Taking a drag on his vape, he says: After Baby's Got a Temper, they knew I wasn't into it. Howlett says: Cowering next to her dead sister: Prior to The Fat of the Land, they weren't in the studio much anyway.

natalie appleton and liam howlett

You turned up at the rave, it was run by gangsters, you didn't know whether or not you were going to get paid. The closest he comes to doing anything outrageous is drowning a wasp in his bottle of Smirnoff Ice, unless you count his heroic dedication to swearing, which would impress even his prospective brother-in-law, Liam Gallagher He is married to former All Saints star Natalie Appleton, whose sister Nicole is Gallagher's partner.

Natalie Appleton enjoys a low key day with husband Liam Howlett

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Husband who murdered mother and three sons then hanged himself was a cross-dressing porn addict who killed... We meet between tours for Howlett, who finished a run of thrilling UK shows last week and is getting ready to return to the road, touring Europe as the band celebrate an amazing SIXTH consecutive No1 album.

Howlett suffered a lengthy bout of writer's block. With the release of The Fat of the Land, they briefly became the biggest band in the world: Whether or not it was comical, who gives a shit? You can find tour dates at theprodigy.

natalie appleton and liam howlett

I've been out to places with him, and the photographers are deliberately shouting things out, just so they can get a picture. View all.