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For example, it may not be possible to rework a small data center to take advantage of airside economizers or cost effective to replace an existing UPS with a more efficient one. Award-winning, enterprise-class KVM-over-IP switches, which offer BIOS-level access and control of thousands of multiplatform servers, serial-based devices, test equipment and audio visual equipment.

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ESPs often lack in choice of remote access clients, whereas a strong KVM solution provides a broad choice of remote clients. There are many ways companies can become more environmentally friendly such as using technology to cut down on travel, minimizing product packaging or using environment friendly packaging materials, and changing manufacturing processes to mention only a few. You need flexibility and ease-of-use, along with maximum responsiveness, efficiency and operations uptime.

I can log in with a single sign-on to our entire IT infrastructure anywhere—from home or from the office. Like all the best teenagers The Automatic are clearly not happy with the world they find around them. The switch includes several failover and security features to ensure availability in the always-on buttoned-down data center. But have you thought about the ongoing costs of managing or upgrading those racks?

Opening song "That's What She Said" lays into drones who spend unhappy lives in the rat race, dreaming of weekends at punk gigs, while "You Shout You Shout" lambasts "so much trash on the radio," which keeps the zombies "dancing in the routine way". With the use of a 32- or 64-port KVM switch, an IT manager can achieve a 32- to 64-to-1 reduction in the number of IP addresses, network orts and cable runs required in the data center.

Data centers consume an enormous amount of power, the generation of which produces greenhouse gases and contributes to global warming. And provide IT departments with secure, reliable remote access tools needed to manage mission-critical environments. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language.

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But with so much IT industry attention being paid to improving PUE and other measures to reduce power consumption in the data center, data center managers and their facilities counterparts can be proud of their accomplishments. Administrators can perform all management, administration and configuration operations via a simple graphical user interface, remotely from the convenience of their desktops or while in the data center.

Experience all the benefits of Raritan KVM and remote access solutions for no cost and no obligation. And in case the network goes down, each KX II switch has a local port, so you can walk up, plug the KVM into that local port and maintain access. A few years ago, the common PUE was 2.

Release 4. Not every data center will be able to achieve very low PUEs. In a recent independent U. Find out more about our use of this data. Released 2006.