Polak says what are you doing here


COuntry where corruption is exceeds beyond government but into dailty life, ex. They aren't show-offs.

polak says what are you doing here

I'm a polak , look at the name. You could say that you are polish and are much more advanced in intellect Famous tourist country Famous inventors , doctors, athletes, and singers Soccer team Handball team Awsome Martial artists Well-educated Beautiful people Christmas Easter You aren't another nationality even if you wish you were sometimes Best food also healthy The only people who would really fight for their country until death Famous for dances, music,parties, and occasional dresses When someone tells them that they are smart, it's not them, it's just that they are Polish They aren't racists Really know how to make a Party going on No matter what they try, they become good at it perfectionists Never lazy!

Are you a Polak? Can i kiss your feet? Top definition. Even if you can't see them wearing a cross, they are wearing it in their heart Know every other Polak around them Language Respect their language and traditions Red, White, white eagle True to their family Even if they were born in America and their parents are Polish, they still know the Polish language and traditions Know the difference between the truth and the lie Poland has most of the beautiful cities and sites in the World including sanctuaries, castles, skycrapers, rivers, etc.

polak says what are you doing here

Someone who doesn't tolerate: This is jsut a warning obviosuly, some ignorant imbeciles may argue this, but call a spade a sapde.

Zajeeeeeebista narodowosc!: Noun poh - lawk A person born of Polish decent or citizenship in Poland. Russians, Germans, pussiboys an a bunch of other corny soundin muthafux.

They respect everyone. A polak, is a part of the human race, however, they have a far greater resistance to alcohol an smoke the most... Polak unknown. Generous awsome Drivers European Talented unfortunatly people use the word Polak as a derogatory word upon others even though the word is used to distinguish a Polish person for ex.

polak says what are you doing here

Some Polak. They are nice friends. This is ofcourse undofrtunate, but English speaking people are not to call a Polish person a Polak , because the proper term for this in the English language is , Pole. The Polish word meaning Pole. They smokE TunZ yO!