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Miller, D. The words carry a tacit hint, that we have no strength of our own, but have need of strength from above.

Deuteronomy 32

Light at Evening Time. Ezekiel 15: What forgetfulness of Jehovah and her hopes and glorious destiny! And the ground of this condescension on the part of God was His love for His people.

The purpose of the writer either to exalt or to decry carries all before it, and we get from such a source pictures of character so consistent that they cannot possibly be true.

Again and again it is asserted that Yahweh had been the God of their fathers, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-so that Moses was simply the renewer of a higher faith which for a time had been corrupted. Ministers Farewell, The.

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For the grace which Christ gives us to serve Him, being divine, is subject to no weariness, and neither faints nor fails. Psalm 87: They should have given force to our better nature, and weakening, progressive weakening, to our worse. They should have rooted us more firmly and abidingly in Him from whom all our power comes, and so have given us more and fuller supplies of His exhaustless and ever-flowing might.

We have a very striking instance of this in Peter.

Deuteronomy 33:25

He had preached them a farewell sermon, a very copious and pathetic discourse. Isaiah 38: Indwelling Sin. But the question may now arise, Is not this character of Moses which the author of Deuteronomy partly had before him and partly helped to elaborate, too exalted to be reliable? The king and the prophet, the priest and the people, are fully represented.

Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic. And he need not be afraid of this. It may be true that such writers might be unwilling to narrate stories concerning the great men of the past which were inconsistent with the esteem in which they were held; but it is much more certain that their narratives will represent the tradition and the current knowledge of their time regarding the heroes of their race.

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Bibliography Clarke, Adam. Christian's Heaviness and Rejoicing, The. Isaiah 40: None But Jesus, Part 1. We sometimes see people, in the measure in which their physical strength decays, drawing into themselves more and more of that supernatural and Divine strength which has nothing to do with the material or the external.

After sermon he had given out a psalm, a long psalm; and now nothing remains but to dismiss them with a blessing; that blessing he pronounces in this chapter in the name of the Lord, and so leaves them.

Christ of Patmos, The. Come and Welcome.