What is a bobtail rig

what is a bobtail rig

About the Author. A bobtail truck has the ability to maneuver down highways and interstates, but it is also incredibly useful in city settings.

Bobtail Truck Insurance

What is Bobtail Insurance? Retrieved from https: Those who are non-industry professionals may also operate these more compact vehicles, often when moving their belongings to a new location or when an object is too large for a pickup truck.

Though there is no specific size of company that will necessarily favor the smaller-scale vehicle, many large and established business regularly use trailers that are anywhere from 53 — 45 feet depending on their needs. While these do not require professional drivers to get behind the wheel, they are nonetheless a familiar model of commercial trucks that Americans frequently find on the road.

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As trucking jobs that still require less-than-truckload runs or propane runs still exist, bobtail trucks will no doubt see a strong presence on the roadways of the country. You can save a lot of time and money working with a pro. Lastly, bobtail trucks may provide the familiarity of non-commercial vehicles to those who are not yet immersed in the world of driving. Using Bobtail Trucks For Various Needs One of the most common instances in which a bobtail truck would be utilized would likely be for a small delivery that is making a relatively short trip overall.

A bobtail truck can also refer to a trailer hauling a more modest propane load , a straight truck that pulls a tank that is smaller and not as unwieldy as some tanker vehicles are. Online Quote Form click here or email: Depress only the yellow air valve to release the tractor brakes.

what is a bobtail rig

In short, not all bobtail trucks are used for what the industry defines as commercial transportation, nor does every operator constitute what is often seen as a professional driver. They include: Bobtail trucks can be seen across the country in various scenarios that find people receiving deliveries, moving their belongings or simply moving from point A to point B, ready for a qualified individual to get behind the wheel.

The Enduring Popularity of the Bobtail Truck

Kim - laumank roemer-insurance. Non-trucking liability insurance covers independent semi drivers when they are outside the scope of their lease agreement with the motor carrier.

what is a bobtail rig

Simply defined, a bobtail truck is a standard commercial straight struck generally used for small-medium sized loads. Your cost will depend on the amount of coverage you carry for each but plan on spending more for bobtail coverage than non-trucking liability.

what is a bobtail rig

Four easy ways to get a Semi Truck Insurance quote: How to Drive a Skid Steer Loader. The purpose of this is to reduce the likelihood of dirt and grease getting into the electrical connectors. Then contact a professional trucking insurance agent with extensive knowledge of the American trucking industry for a quote.