What is a seriation graph

what is a seriation graph

Much faster and easier that way if you don't have to have a perfect scale or do a lot of this graphs. It accepts csv data in the form of: It will search every worksheet in the workbook and return all of the mat. How to create a userform that will have button for search, edit, change, delete individual recordings. Want to join?


An expert may be able to jump in and correct me, but I'm pretty sure that Seriation graphs are unique to archaeology, right? It just takes some information in one format, rearranges it, adds some formatting and performs some calculations.

what is a seriation graph

Hello gurus! Python and matplotlib a python module. For example, by looking at the telephone we can see how much it has changed from it's humble beginnings to the present.

what is a seriation graph

For example: I made this as easy to follow as possible. Last night I spent several hours working on an Excel 2002 spreadsheet and it has disappeared. Thanks StanSz.

I have excel sheets that cross link with each other. The seriation graph is used in archaeology to date an artifact. Seriation Graphs. So for example, in the span 1700-1750, "A" occurred 17 times, "B" 10 times etc.

Seriation Graphs

Many thanks, Caitlin. Want to add to the discussion? I need to display a 3rd who's value is in the millions.