What is dx reader version

Include the DOI if provided; if not provided, indicate where the e-book was downloaded.

what is dx reader version

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Title of Periodical, xx, pp-pp. Bring it home to roost [Online forum post]. Retrieved from Books24x7 database. Retrieved from Amazon.

what is dx reader version

Computer addiction? For an explanation of DOI, see the section on electronic journal articles.

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Curating, not moderating, the flow of content and participation [Web log message]. Larsen Eds. Theresa Bell.

what is dx reader version

Warner Bros. Douglas, S. Ward, V.

what is dx reader version

Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. Online newspaper article. American Psychological Association.

what is dx reader version

Burwen, L. The Manual is available at the Library Service Desk on the second floor of the Library, and is also available online. Graham, G. Entry in an online reference work 7. Monitor on Psychology 39 6. Retrieved September 28, 2009, from http: If the publisher is different than the author, please list the name of the publisher e.

Gabrieli, J. In this example, the publisher is the author, so "Author" is all that's needed to note the publisher. Feb 17, 2019 3: