When does bloom turn into dark bloom

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. So they all got on the hover busses and left for Magix.

when does bloom turn into dark bloom

Bloom was stunned. I backed away a few steps, "You wont escape" She said as she made a dark fire ball, I gasped, "All your nightmares will break free cause you are afraid of me" She said as I turned around running away from her.

What episode was dark bloom in? I know its season 1 but ehat episode?

I sat my hand on her ribs to make sure that I had. This is my first ever fanfiction, please keep that in mind while reading, I am just beginning to learn how to write logical and descriptive stories. Go ahead and read if you want to find out. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. I grabbed at her throat and forced all my strength into my arm to pick her up.

Ghosts of the Past 4.

when does bloom turn into dark bloom

I heard she wings flapping, she started laughing as I kept running, then I didn't hear her no more, I stopped running and she wasn't there, "So here you are " she said as she made another fire and blasted me, I flew back and landed on my back, "Wide awake" she teased.

Her corrupted powers were even strong enough to cause Neverland to fall into darkness, appearing as a desolate wasteland.

when does bloom turn into dark bloom

Bloom's state was apparently caused by a kind of Shadow Virus which contaminated her. Terms of Service. Nightmares haunt her very soul faces of a hidden past appears again.

Dark Bloom suddenly uses a spell she called "Dark Dreams" on Bloom making her fall asleep while she was escaping and Bloom had become Dark Bloom in the real screamed loudly: Chapter 7: Cause you are afraid of me" She said as she threw a dark spell right at my heart.

Bloom Turns into Dark Bloom

Once she was no more than a foot above the ground her feet dangling in the absence of earth I leaned back and pulled her with me as I lurched forward and sent her flying through the tree a few feet in front of me. The summer passed fast, but yet it was one of the most boring summers Bloom had ever had, most likely because she missed her friends.

Dark Fairies also make an appearance within the World of Winx spin-off series, particularly in the form of the tyrannical ruler of the World of Dreams and main antagonist for most of the series, Fairy Queen Tinkerbell. Close Working... All the girls were looking at Bloom. On their way there they decided to go to the dining hall first, to grab something to snack and make a toast. She cringed as I pushed a little to make sure it was truly broken.

when does bloom turn into dark bloom

New Crossovers: My hand fell on an indented part of her skin. Their dark magic and nasty attitudes caused negative feelings to appear in the hearts of nearby people in opposition to Believix , which causes good feelings to appear in the hearts of people.