When was omulunga radio established and sons

To try and prove me wrong, the minister can study the files of all promoted teachers and study their previous grade 10 and 12 results and check if they were the best. Your organisation has conducted training sessions to build capacity, so do the women of this area deserve to be trained and assisted. Keep the work up and rest assured that you have majority support!

When will the South get 'Otji toilets' like Outjo and Otjiwarongo? We the customers of above mentioned bank we are suffering. The solar panels at nearby schools were stolen long ago. We need proactive and not reactive leaders. I'm a resident of Onehani village in Outapi Constituency. These machines are the third national war after AIDS and alcohol abuse! How can a person kill and only get 18 years. Namibia belongs to all Namibians, not only to Swapo voters.

Children are no longer supported by their family or parents because people, especially men, are gambling away their pay on pay day! They gambling owners are driving luxury and expensive cars! Why do they keep on beating the same drum?

If yes I hope it can use the available channels to address the issue? Let Nujoma go to ICC and tell where the missing people are.

Economic news 2007-08-23 SMSes of the Day: Spiritual leaders, take up your positions in the land and do your duties. The sentence that Da Silva got was very very low.

The water stops running at 8am and starts at 11am, then it can stop again at 2pm and start running at past four. We heard of the affordable 'Otji Toilet' from Otjiwarongo, but still our town hasn't got any!

Omulunga Radio

Now as it turns out, the State, under the leadership of Mr Pohamba, is willing to pay one-way air tickets for Namibians who as per the Constitution have the right to have opinions of their own and or criticism. The electricity line pass through our mahangu field in a range of 500 m next to our homestead a situation similar to a number of houses , yet it cannot be electrified.

I doubt that the people in Pionerspark and Olympia have this problem.