Wholesale florist supplies sydney

Corsage Magnets. Organza Bags.

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Spray Paints. We offer the very best of local grown and imports from around the globe including Holland, Kenya and Colombia. Get more much than just flowers at your next event, with the best in florist supplies in Sydney. You won't need to log in anymore as a Member to get the best price as it is already displayed. Additional floral adornments such as ribbons, vases and baskets are stocked in abundance too, leaving the creativity up to you to design the feel you require for your event.

wholesale florist supplies sydney

Our range of florist supplies and florist sundries are the highest quality and meets the needs of the professional florist, online florist, flower grower and florist industry. However, logging in enables your previous orders to be accessible.

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Corsage Boxes. As an event planner, it's your job to ensure that things run smoothly and everything is just perfect for the hosts on their big night.

wholesale florist supplies sydney

As a leading business in Sydney for florist supplies, we have everything you could need to give your event the ultimate wow factor. Table centrepieces not only bring individuality to the table but can be a great talking point for mingling guests and totally change the feel of a room. This is due to variables such as quantity, cubing and size limits per parcel. Paper Wraps.

Perhaps natural light is limited, and those plain globes hanging from the ceiling just aren't cutting it. And what about that lighting? NSW is very fortunate as it has a wide range of climates within the state, meaning that a wide variety of flowers can be locally grown, with the main flower growing areas being on the Central Coast, around Horsley Park and Leppington, and in the Hills area at Dural and Glenorie.

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Wholesale Flowers Sydney. Potted plants and florist supplies such as ribbon, wrap, foam and other sundries are also sold. Delivery areas: Take the stress out of this and get all your florist supplies in Sydney from Holstens.

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wholesale florist supplies sydney

We are a family run business who have been operating in Melbourne, Victoria since 1988 but involved in the floristry trade since 1976. Florist Supplies We have professional florists covered when it comes to supplies and accessories, because we know the fine details make all the difference when it comes to making the ultimate floral arrangment for weddings, events, storefronts and more.