40 latinas who have changed the world

The 50 Most Powerful Latinas of 2017

She took the stage soon after being diagnosed with cancer, and told the audience: The Ceiling 12 women on shattering the glass. Jennifer Polland and Aimee Groth. It's refreshing to see a starlet embrace normality and humility rather than the hard-hitting party habits of some of her peers. The longtime Vogue editor has been a powerful force in fashion for decades, and as of late, in politics. Around The Web. The J.

13 powerful Latinas who have changed the world

Ad Choices. During the dictatorship, Rousseff was persecuted, imprisoned and tortured for advancing democracy in Brazil. Merkel is one of the most controversial figures in Europe, but in her home country of Germany she remains incredibly popular.

She continued to attend school despite the ban and the Taliban's destruction of 150 schools until she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in October 2012.

The Model Halima Aden First hijab-wearing fashion model to walk international runway shows. She's also known for redesigning Brazil's electricity sector through the "Light for All" program during her service as Minister of Mines and Energy, as well as overseeing the influential housing program, "My House, My Life.

40 latinas who have changed the world

She sits on the Senate Banking Committee, which regulates the banking industry. Karl Lagerfeld: Site Map. Cindy Charles.

40 latinas who have changed the world

Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley have each been the subject of numerous biographies, yet no one has ever examined their lives in one book—until now. Her political career took off when she was only 16, when she became an organizer to fight the repressive military regime that had been in power for over 20 years.

New Wine 'Bartenders' Some call them "bartenders.

12 Badass Women Who Changed the Course of Human History

And while there is still work to be done to bring that gap all the way down to zero by some estimates it could take more than 170 years globally to close the gender gap , women today can, at least in part, thank the activism of Lilly Ledbetter for the strides made in the past decades. Known worldwide for his fiery preaching at the Brownsville Revival, Steve Hill remained a passionate advocate of repentance and biblical values until his death last year from cancer.

She's reportedly writing a book about her time on the Hill after the financial crisis called "Rigged. The accomplishments of these influential Latinas stand on their own, and are even more significant given the traditional roadblocks that exist for women, especially Latinas. She is also an experienced public and private corporate board director and has served on the boards of Darden Restaurants , Publix Supermarkets, Laidlaw International and various non-profit organizations in Miami.

40 latinas who have changed the world