Android wechat where saved images

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android wechat where saved images

This method can help you download all media files from WeChat in just one go. I have the other 3 icons, but not the download icon.

Where are the wechat photos saved on my Galaxy S8+?

WeChat does not allow you to save or download sights videos on the phone. John Ulliman.

android wechat where saved images

It is important and necessary to transfer your important WeChat data, such as crucial photos and videos from your iPhone or Android phone to computer for backup because those data can be lost from the device due to mistakenly deleting and something goes wrong.

Just follow the steps in the below to see how to transfer data from WeChat to computer via Web WeChat. The information on this website is provided for educational purposes, free of charge, for the benefit of all visitors.

Location of wechat document in Android

Now, you can download these items on your computer by following:. Microsoft Office. Skip to content WeChat is the most popular chat app for mobile phone users which is cross-platform and feature-rich. Don't worry, just keep on reading.

How to copy photos from WeChat to PC

If you have many media files in WeChat chats want to save, you can touch the More button in the photo or video preview screen as shown in above screenshot. Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license!

android wechat where saved images

Covered by US Patent. You can do a test below to verify my statement above. Notify me of follow. Therefore, a large number of people are wonderring how to save WeChat photos and videos on computer. The above comment is not correct.

Activate Auto Save Pictures on WeChat

SR Zak. Here you can find all media files in WeChat, including Sights, videos and photos. If you like to download WeChat sights, you can refer to previous linked guide above. Share this: