Answerworks 4.0 what is it

It's on my W-7 64 bit and I have never used it that I know of Is it needed.

If you don't have time to install the patch, or don't want to restart your computer, you can select "Save" or "Save This Program to Disk" and the patch file, called awsecuritypatch. Answerworks What is Answerworks 5.

answerworks 4.0 what is it

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AnswerWorks 4.0 Runtime - English Windows Program Info

The security patch is available for all operating systems used by affected applications: The above FAQ links open in a new window. Local Disk C: Refer to BruceR 's post above. How do I check that the security patch has been applied? If you have uninstalled products with iSEEK Answerworks included and prefer instead to verify that the affected versions of AnswerWorks are not on your computer, please follow the steps below.

Do I still need to download the security patch? What if I've uninstalled one of these products and no longer use it?

answerworks 4.0 what is it

If you installed any of the affected products on your computer, the vulnerability poses a security risk regardless of whether you are currently connected to the Internet. How should I configure my browser to get the greatest benefits from the Lounge?

AnswerWorks 4.0 Runtime - English

All times are GMT -5. If the file version is 4. If the affected versions are not on your computer, no patch is necessary. It's part of the help system for Quicken and Turbotax amongst others: What operating systems are supported?

It makes no connections to the network and collects no information.

answerworks 4.0 what is it

Click the "Download" button to start the download, or choose a different language from the drop-down list and click "Go.