Chowards violet candy ingredients

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But I love these candies and I need for the company to sell them down here. Meeting Room. Choose one or more: Gleanings from the World of the Senses.

Culture is about human nature and people who love food and fragrance are acutely aware of the connection between the senses and memory. Natural musk is no longer used in flavors and fragrance due to the near extinction of the musk deer. I cannot fathom people thinking these mints are edible. I am so happy to discover some folks here who share the love of violets and these violet sweets!

Violet gum, eh?

I keep em in my purse so that whenever i open it, it fills the air with that pleasant, floraly scent!!!! I can smell and taste them after I place my online order. Jamie, I will look for those. Got suggestions? I really cant believe there are so many people like me that are addict this candy,You wouldnt believe how many packs a day i eat. Open your mouth, expand your mind.

Choward's Violet Mints - box of 24 rolls

I think I will go to the website and order them because they are way cheaper that way and the new guava mints they have are pretty decent, very strong taste though. I never owned any I think my friend down the street, Lisa did though but I can recall wanting them badly.

Patchouli, geranium, ionones, orris extracts, nitromusks, anise and clove were some of the ingredients that comprised the oriental flavor of the candy, which was marketed to mask the smell of tobacco. Beautiful foil packaging.

PS-when i was a kid, i pronounced them Chowders. My friends and I loved them so much that we always had a pack in our pockets. I own a goose farm so I am not affiliated with any candy company and I have stated my own special interest.. Candy Professor - Yes, a real professor writes about candy and its place in American history.