Drinking bourbon when pregnant

For a 150-pound person, the liver can metabolize about seven grams of alcohol an hour, or half a standard drink; add food, and you slow down the amount of alcohol that reaches the liver at any given time.

drinking bourbon when pregnant

Health insurance. When ABC News presented the Denmark study in which light drinking in pregnancy wasn't found to harm the baby, it was paired with quotes by doctors and prevention advocates pooh-poohing all drinking "We know that FASDs [fetal alcohol spectrum disorders] are 100 percent preventable if alcohol is not consumed during pregnancy, so why take the risk?

drinking bourbon when pregnant

It turns out I'm part of the group of American women who is most likely to have a ceremonial glass of wine during pregnancy. FAS can leave babies with learning difficulties, behavioural problems, hearing and vision loss, poor growth and organ damage. Better to say you can't have any, as that rule is easy to understand. Some mums-to-be also experience a strange metallic taste in their mouth, which can alter the taste of food and drink.

One drink during pregnancy won't hurt, will it?

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drinking bourbon when pregnant

Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should avoid alcohol altogether. If I thought I were putting her at risk, I would never have done it. Obviously, too much remaining alcohol--which would come from having multiple drinks, which the liver can't keep up with--can get into the fetus's tissues and impact its development. Because it's hard to get women on the record about such matters, these estimates are conservative at best--drawn from a sample who answered landline phones and were asked first if they were pregnant, then if they drank, by people essentially researching fetal alcohol syndrome.

A Few Drinks While Pregnant May Be OK

Another issue is that FASD is hard to diagnose and not always immediately obvious. One drink during pregnancy won't hurt, will it? We use cookies to improve your experience of our website.

drinking bourbon when pregnant

How risky is that?