Eisenhower nixon inaugural program 2016

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Eisenhower 1956 Election Eve Program

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Dwight D. Eisenhower & Richard Nixon Presidential Inauguration Invitation and Program

During the 37 years that LIFE was published, the magazine covered Presidential Inaugurations from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's second inauguration to Richard Nixon's first inauguration in 1969, as the above photos show.

Kennedy Quotes Lyndon B. The Inaugurations , which mark the relatively peaceful transfer of power that has defined American democracy for nearly 250 years, are the occasion to welcome a new administration with celebration and ceremony.

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eisenhower nixon inaugural program 2016

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eisenhower nixon inaugural program 2016

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eisenhower nixon inaugural program 2016

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eisenhower nixon inaugural program 2016

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See Photos From Every Presidential Inauguration LIFE Magazine Ever Covered

Hoover Calvin. Customer Service. He wanted to celebrate not only the great achievements of Eisenhower, but also his strength of character. He was a man of immovable moral authority; President Nixon recalled what General Eisenhower said to him at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in the last time the two saw one another: