How to debark a cedar log cabin

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In that situation I would treat the logs as the siding, use the poles as an easy way to keep the stacking in place as you go up using the traditional notching of your choice scribed, flat notch or even plank notch. Possibly a flail for decorative stuff. Maybe I had the wrong tip installed. Paul Wheaton's hugelkultur article thread.

How to Debark Cedar

It's a judgement call based on your needs. If you treat the logs, this might not be as much of an issue. Another option is if you can get those logs cut lengthwise, you could double your mileage with the materials you have and make them perfect for just nailing up like large, rough planks, following along the basic polebarn design you have started.

how to debark a cedar log cabin

You have to be careful, but I was able to get almost all the bark layer off even in all the nooks and crannies. This allows the bark to be peeled away easily. I did not finish the second one and it continued drying and now the bark is stuck hard to the tree. Wood Use and Bark Disposal After you debark the cedar, its logs can be used for lumber or firewood, whether or not the tree had a bark beetle problem.

I had a tree business in Massachusetts for over 40 years. Copyright 2019 Leaf Group Ltd.

how to debark a cedar log cabin

Peeling Cedar... Customer Service Newsroom Contacts. Are we too late? I have been using the pressure washer to clean up some cedars that were discarded about ten years ago. Fired up the washer with a 40 degree tip and started to spray them down.

how to debark a cedar log cabin

Might as well toss them clothes at day's end. Finally switched to the tip that I always thought was worthless until now... Customers couldn't care less about time of year or how hard it is.