How to make crusty french bread

You and your stomach can thank us later! Thankyou so much, I made it today and posted on Instagram Aquabluetoo. The oven melted my le creuset knob though….

how to make crusty french bread

Close Missing Input Please enter a rating or review before submitting. Any tips on making sure itnisnkight and airy? Give King Arthur a try and see if this helps. Punch down dough. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

Hope that helps — happy baking! Kneeding is removing all of the air bubbles.

how to make crusty french bread

I was wondering if I could use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose? But you know what? I used my Le Creuset pot for the Dutch oven and it was fine as well. I add in all sorts of things too.

Easy Crusty French Bread

I immediately sent photos to my husband, daughter and brother. It might be good to double check that your oven is actually at the temperature it says it is mine rarely are! Yes — just double the existing recipe amounts! Ww3btw, the bread itself turned out great! I used fasting acting yeast and the recipe still worked great!

how to make crusty french bread

AP flour will weigh the same as the bread flour listed and water and similar liquids so not oils will weigh one ounce per fluid ounce nifty knowledge in and of itself. Last night I started at 9pm and before 11 I had a new loaf of bread: Slathered with some good Amish butter, oh so yummy.

How much extra flour can I add without compromising the recipie?

Classic and Crusty French Bread

I made this last night for New Years Eve and it was a big hit! Take it out sooner? That one was perfect in the morning, sliced, toasted and served alongside a cup of Cuban coffee. I use a solid steel one, with a lid, so not technically a dutch oven, but part of my cookware set. My go to recipe for a crunchy and delicious loaf.

And that food pairing sounds delish!

how to make crusty french bread