How to make enamel pins yourself

Don't let anyone make you feel bad with how you decide to bring your passion to life.

how to make enamel pins yourself

Another very small size you could is small around half an inch - these often called Pin Board Fillers: You might be required to pay a small fee, though. Shopify is not affiliated with this Aliexpress provider and there are many substitutes that will provide the exact same pins. If you do not have to color match but just need general color codes try using the Pantone Finder.

how to make enamel pins yourself

Any extra bubble wrap is never going to hurt and your customers will thank you for it. I love getting positive reviews and photos from my Etsy customers, and seeing people wearing my pins and using my stickers makes me feel fulfilled and so happy. If your pins have a different theme, go with this concept but adjust the design however you need!

how to make enamel pins yourself

The next step is to tell everyone about your lovely new pins and shop. The potential market is quite large and diverse, which means it's easy to find your own niche and start making a profit.

Sell enamel pins online

Budgets are always the trickiest part of any project and pins are no exception! She makes a specific type of jewelry — enamel lapel pins.

how to make enamel pins yourself

When deciding on your packaging, think about where you plan to sell your pins or give them away:. When it comes to Instagram, Jesse advises entrepreneurs to build up a backlog of content before launching, so that your feed has a continuous flow of content to satisfy your growing audience.

Many pins, for example, are commemorative of a particular year or thing, just like the Disney ones you see in the picture above.

How to Make Enamel Pins: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Enamel Lapel Pins Online

If you do not like digital inking or have no way to do it you can also make a straight vector version of your design: Want to see what a finished enamel pin looks like? Opt for soft enamel if you want a pin with a textured surface.

how to make enamel pins yourself

This is an option for very clean and solid designs that do no depend on the colors to set it off. But if your pin is really worth a lot of money or it was a large order of pins then it is probably worth it just be sure to charge your customer accordingly.