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Looking Back on Howard Dean's Infamous Scream, 10 Years Later

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Chappelle's Show - Black Howard Dean

The job of the campaign staff is to shape the limited time and activity of both the candidate and his or her supporters into a unified effort that drives a win. The campaign is so intense that it has become a form of political harassment. While Dean has passionately argued he is on the right side of the MEK issue, he acknowledged to the Washington Times that he got involved through his agent. Party insiders were far more impressed with John Kerry's steady ability to generate votes and his longstanding party bona fides.

Despite the usual array of punditry, there's not much President Obama could have done in the weeks leading up to the recent mid-terms to change the outcome.

The curse of the orange hats

Though issues are important in a political race, a candidate is just as likely to rise and fall on the semaphore of style and symbols that define a campaign. Sometimes, party insiders converge on a candidate long before the contests ever begin. I spent a lot of time on the Internet learning about them, and then I met them," he told the paper. Ads are currently disabled. An estimated 3,500 or more earnest Dean ground troops were in the corn-belt state last week, during the cold heart of winter, for a precinct-by-precinct effort to turn on and turn out Dean voters.

How Howard Dean's Scream Helped Obama Land the Presidency

As Kenneth Walsh wrote in U. It was the night of the Iowa Caucus on January 19, 2004. There are a number of explanations for Dean's fall, including a failure to be embraced by party insiders, an inability to convert online national support into on-the-ground organization, and an ad war with Richard Gephardt that pulled both of them down. Maybe it's unfair to blame the hats, but put yourself in the boots of an average Iowa Democrat a few days before the caucus. Now, with 2016 on the horizon and the evolving role of big money threatening to permanently relegate ordinary people to mere window dressing in our political process, the Dean effort offers an important lesson to anyone who cares about the future of our democracy.

The seduction of Howard Dean

Because myths generate their own reverence when repeated over time, causing us to learn the wrong lessons from history. In the Midwest, when the weather turns violent, sensible people get away from windows and doors and head for the basement to wait it out. Youth activists sit in at Mitch's office.