So random its funny how

The Spanish sketch is similar to Pierre Escargot. Any Random funny quotes?

so random its funny how

Yahoo Answers. It's a Laugh Productions Series.

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Repetitive much, repetitive? Disney Channel Series.

so random its funny how

The characters themselves were underdeveloped and very one-dimensional. This show has so many stupid episodes that only my two little brothers can stand watching.

The sketches, while funny, are very similar to All That sketches. IMDb More. I don't get it.

so random its funny how

Make sure you understand every word you hear on All Ears English. And by stand watching I mean they'll watch it but only if there's nothing else to watch. Sign in. I like Ice Cream, didly doo da dooo. They'll groan and moan until it's over.

Can you say something so random its funny?

This is a bannable offense. Very unfortunate to see this one canceled.

so random its funny how

He's the only one there, and he spends the whole time cheering. Going by the way how he's just standing there, and his meal is just sitting there, where ANYONE can grab it, I knew that something was going to happen to it. Both are far better utilized on "So Random".

so random its funny how

Considering they have generally the same writers and pretty much the same cast, there is a pretty good chance that the show will improve. The repulsive character Rufus with his "You're not gonna believe this... That will probably never happen, so I guess that So Random will stay on the Disney Channel until it's canceled.