Uk book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

Market size is an important element to publishing.

uk book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

It is accepting submissions for digital-first publications with the submission guidelines outlined here. In other words, they will say yes to every submission!

21 Top UK Fiction Publishers Accepting Submissions

Your first sentence does not have to contain an epic within its words for me to be interested. As such, it accepts translations and has translators. Email submissions are preferred as pdf or Word attachments together with a covering letter or email, but you can also submit by post.

uk book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

Like this: First time authors can consider sending their manuscript to the London based publisher after reading the instructions here. Innovative material with a positive message, interesting and facts that have been researched thoroughly. A book on table manners is not the kidcentric book Tanglewood is looking for.


We will try to respond to submissions within four weeks, but please be aware that replies may take longer during busy periods. Started in 2003 by Mark Pilkington and Jamie Sutcliffe, this company believes in collaborating with authors to help share their story. Lou Treleaven. Though it has the potential to be enormously rewarding Alastair Reynolds was unsolicited , it is the least important thing that I deal with, and as such, spends its days in the shadows.

uk book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

They aim to reply within 8-10 weeks. It is based in Scotland.

uk book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

Read submission guidelines here. One Comment: Submission guidelines are available here. Posted in List of children's publishers in UK accepting unsolicited manuscripts , publishers , short stories , slushpile , Submissions , unsolicited manuscripts , writing resources.

uk book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

Helmed by Charlotte Ledger, this imprint under the hugely popular publisher only publishes romance and romantic fiction. Or you can submi t to their magazine Under the Radar if you are interested.

Keen to embrace the latest technologies, they accept manuscripts for readers up to age 12 think family-orientated rather than edgy.

21 Top UK Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

This independent Leicester publisher has amassed over 30 years in the industry and built quite a reputation for itself while at it. Submissions should consist of a good one page covering letter, synopsis, the full text of the book if it is a picture book no illustrations and the first three chapters plus final wordcount of longer books. It was established in 2007 as a division of HarperCollins. This is particularly noticeable in all the first-person stories we read.

Crooked Cat — check website for next submissions window Crooked Cat is a small UK publisher which accepts, amongst other types of fiction, young adult fiction for its Silver range, up to a maximum of 90,000.