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valora no matter what tekstowo

The loftiest rank the spiritual world sublime, Rich with its starry thrones, gives to the sons of Time! The broad and noble criticisms contained in this book are absolutely essential for the musical culture of the thousands now laboriously but vainly struggling to perform his elaborate works, and who, having no key to their multiplied complexities of expression, frequently fail in rendering them aright.

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It is a matter of considerable interest to note how the nervous and agile fingers, accustomed to sovereign rule over the keys, handle the pen; how the musician feels as a man; how he estimates art and artists. Dodaj komentarz. Liszt felt this, and has been exceedingly happy in the short sketch given of Poland. Najpopularniejsze od Franz Liszt. It would be impossible for the reader of this book to remain ignorant of the exactions of art. No motives of interest induced the lingering over the careful rendering of the charmed pages, but an intense desire that our people should know more of musical art; that while acknowledging the generosity and eloquence of Liszt, they should learn to appreciate and love the more subtle fire, the more creative genius of the unfortunate, but honorable and honored artist, Chopin.

It is intelligible to all who think or feel; requiring no knowledge of music for its comprehension.

Interpretacja utworu. The compositions of Chopin are now the mode, the rage. The remarks of Liszt on these dances are given with a knowledge so acute of the traits of the nation in which they originated, with such a gorgeousness of description and correctness of detail, that they rather resemble a highly finished picture, than a colder work of words only.

valora no matter what tekstowo

PREFACE To a people, always prompt in its recognition of genius, and ready to sympathize in the joys and woes of a truly great artist, this work will be one of exceeding interest. Some of Chopin's best works are analyzed herein.

valora no matter what tekstowo

He seizes the secrets of the nationality of these forms, traces them through the heart of the Polish people, follows them through their marvelous transfiguration in the pages of the Polish artist, and reads by their light much of the sensitive and exclusive character of Chopin, analyzing it with the skill of love, while depicting it with romantic eloquence.

No pains have been spared by the translator to make the translation acceptable, for the task was truly a labor of love.

valora no matter what tekstowo

They have all the splendor of a brilliant painting. It is a short, glowing, and generous sketch, from the hand of Franz Liszt, who, considered in the double light of composer and performer, has no living equal, of the original and romantic Chopin; the most ethereal, subtle, and delicate among our modern tone-poets.

Life Of Chopin Gatunek: Classical Music. These dances grew directly from the heart of the Polish people; repeating the martial valor and haughty love of noble exhibition of their men; the tenderness, devotion, and subtle coquetry of their women—they were of course favorite forms with Chopin; their national character made them dear to the national poet.

valora no matter what tekstowo

To those who can produce the compositions of Chopin in the spirit of their author, no words are necessary. While, through its eloquence and subtle analysis of character, it appeals to the cultivated literary tastes of our people, it opens for them a dazzling perspective into that strange world of tones, of whose magical realm they know, comparatively speaking, so little.

And the masses in this country, full of vivid perception and intelligent curiosity, who, not playing themselves, would yet fain follow with the heart compositions which they are told are of so much artistic value, will here find a key to guide them through the tuneful labyrinth.