What does moa means

Song lyrics by moa -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by moa on the Lyrics. They are allied to the apteryx and the ostrich. Check out more information from Ryan Cleckner here: Princeton's WordNet 5.

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Powered by CITE. Moa noun any one of several very large extinct species of wingless birds belonging to Dinornis, and other related genera, of the suborder Dinornithes, found in New Zealand.

what does moa means

Freebase 0. Thanks for your vote! Divide the number of inches you want to adjust by number of inches in 1 MOA at that distance.

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Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 0. Word in Definition. If you are having trouble determining the increments in your head and would rather have a formula, you can try this method.

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what does moa means

The next step is to think about how many increments of 1 MOA fit into the distance you want to adjust. The Nuttall Encyclopedia 0. If you are having trouble doing this in your head and would rather have a formula, you can try this method.

what does moa means

At 50 yards, how far will a 10 MOA adjustment move the impact of the bullet in inches? Moa the name of several species of New Zealand and Australian birds, from 2 to 14 ft. They were probably exterminated by the natives before New Zealand was discovered by Europeans.

what does moa means

So, 1 MOA at 250 yards is 2. From moa, from moa. Please enter your email address: Wiktionary 0. Moa belong to the ratite group in the order Dinornithiformes.

Minute of Angle (MOA)

Are we missing a good definition for MOA? What is MOA? So, if every 4 clicks equals 1 MOA, you will need 5 of those 4 click adjustments, or 20 clicks total.