What does oud smell like

The leaves of the Aquilaria tree can also be used as a herbal tea, which is reputed to have antioxidant properties. A GQ Dads investigation.

What is Oud?

These corporations tend to soak their product in contaminated waters and just, sort of, leave it there to collect mold, mildew and various other bacteria. It is also an homage to the Cartier brothers who embraced the spirit of wanderlust.

what does oud smell like

Post to Cancel. Each one is unique and special, and a trophy to the hard work and dedication of the artisans who produce it.

what does oud smell like

Photo credit: It goes on strong but settles down to a fantastic complexity. And herein lies my conundrum. But I would add here though that M7 was the first western oud.

Why does Oud oil smell fanky ”sometimes”?

Start a New Thread. This oud is darker in colour, thicker and stickier than oud 2. Celia Lyttelton describes the smell of oud as follows in The Scent Trail:. The Oud Wood fragrance has notes of oud wood, rosewood, Chinese pepper, sandalwood, vanilla and amber, while Tobacco Oud combines smoking aromatic tobacco.

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The $5,000-a-pound wood scent: Would you oud?

The oil of oud can be extracted by distillation from the wood or by melting the resin. Beauty and Skincare Makeup Skincare Fragrance. Our Arabian BNers can elaborate on this.

what does oud smell like

To read an interview with Mark Evans and learn more about his process as a perfumer, click here. Would you like to know more about Agarwood? When the tree is infected by a mould known as Phialophora parasitica it reacts by producing a dense, dark and fragrant resin to protect itself. Another thing that has its mark on the distillation of the oil is the age of the tree. With bergamot, patchouli and amber, this is both dark and warm with a very subtle medicinal tang that sharpens it up.

Ambroxan, with its distinctive, nostril-hair-burning smell has also played a role in my quest to identify oud. To complicate matters, the ouds that come from different areas — from various parts of Southeast Asia, mostly — smell different to one another. Available to buy online from House of Fraser.