What does the snow leopard conservancy do

Rodney also wrote the section on snow leopards and clouded leopards for the New Encyclopedia of Mammals, published by Oxford University Press, 2001; the Proceedings of the 8th International Snow Leopard Symposium, co-edited with A.

what does the snow leopard conservancy do

Later, neighbours joined the Skiltang family. Then we work with them on solutions such as building and maintaining predator proof corrals to keep their animals safe from snow leopards. About Projects. SLC works with herders in snow leopard habitat to make sure they become guardians of these stunning big cats.


Here are three of those ways:. There is always a chance the traveler will get to see a snow leopard!

what does the snow leopard conservancy do

Herders and Snow Leopard Conservancy work together to construct predator-proof corrals. Stone and B.

Snow Leopards for Kids

Get all the key facts about the snow leopard on one page, then dive deeper into the life of this fascinating cat! Macdonald and A.

what does the snow leopard conservancy do

As part of her graduate work at Western Illinois University, she conducted anthrozoological research, examining the motivations for choosing animal companions from shelters. In addition, she worked for the Nashville Zoo as an instructor in their summer camp program in 2012.

what does the snow leopard conservancy do

On the cold night of November 16, 2011, dogs were barking vociferously outside the Skiltang family home in the Phyang village. F rom time immemorial, the people of Ladakh have learnt to peacefully co-exist with nature and worship it.

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what does the snow leopard conservancy do

Snow Leopard Conservancy SLC engages local people and builds on their traditional beliefs to create harmony between people and the endangered snow leopard. Therefore, the local people despise the cat, and irate farmers often kill the cat in retaliation.

Charleen has volunteered for many national and international wildlife organizations. What he found in Nepal, however, was the skinned carcass of a snow leopard.