What does under review mean by irs

what does under review mean by irs

Michelle, when your status bar went missing did it give you any other codes? My theory is they have a specific time when they sent them.

What Does It Mean if My IRS Tax Refund Is Under Review

They are saying NOW you must pay. No answers have been posted.

what does under review mean by irs

References 4 IRS: Tax Topic 303 Internal Revenue Service: This article contains false information. My 21 days was up on the 8 of feb.

What Happens When Your Tax Return Is Flagged for Review?

Then later today at work i go to check it just because and it was back to it still being process like i t didnt get send Reply. My refund was shown as received and then the message reverted to … your return is being processed and we will give you a gerund date when available??

I called and sat on hold for 1hr 45 min before talking to a person.

what does under review mean by irs

FYI, most people who pay taxes do not receive the full amount paid back. While most returns are accepted as filed, some are selected for examination. Or did you just keep checking where my refund.

Understanding Your CP05 Notice

According to IRS. I got a date for my state but still nothing on my fed refund.. I was told another 3-6 weeks. Once they get that info back now they can put the bar back and updated with an approve and set date.

what does under review mean by irs

Ask yourself what specific information the person really needs and then provide it. Payment Plan Installment Agreement.