What is propagation in agriculture

Proper care must be given to the graft after grafting.


Plant propagation involves the use of propagating materials consisting of plant parts which develop through mitotic cell division. However, as the flats or pots must sit in water constantly, the soil may absorb too much water, and the seeds may rot due to lack of oxygen.

what is propagation in agriculture

Figure 13—23. Squeeze the gel through the hole along a pre-marked garden row. Leaf cuttings are used almost exclusively for propagating some indoor plants.

Carried to an extreme, however, hardening can cause significant damage. How would you define propagation and what are some of your favorite plants to propagate?

What Is Plant Propagation (and how to get started)

This method is so termed "sexual" because there is the involvement of the sexes, referring to the contribution of both the male and female gametes in the production of new plants. Article History. Seeds will germinate in 30 to 60 days. Internet URLs are the best. Plants reproduce and multiply by propagation, so technically you could propagate any type of plant that you have in your collection.

what is propagation in agriculture

Layering is enhanced by wounding one side of the stem or by bending it very sharply. Modern propagation is the rapid multiplication of plants with the use of the same plant organs as well as tissues example corn embryo, tobacco pith, orchid and banana meristems and cells as propagule applying advanced techniques like tissue culture.

what is propagation in agriculture

Place the flat in a shady area. New bulbs form beside the originally planted bulb. One of the functions of dormancy is to prevent a seed from germinating before it is surrounded by a favorable environment.

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Seed catalogs and seed packets often list germination and cultural information for particular plants. Pry the slit open with a toothpick. Resourceful gardeners often use cottage cheese containers, the bottoms of milk cartons, bleach containers, or pie pans.

what is propagation in agriculture

Root cuttings are usually taken from 2 to 3 year old plants during their dormant season when they have a large carbohydrate supply. View More. Figure 13—7.

The process should be started at least two weeks before plants are to be planted in the garden. Related Articles.

what is propagation in agriculture

DK Publishing, Inc. This method uses stock material with woody stems efficiently.