What makes a glue/sticky traps yellow

Yellow, it seems, is just irresistible to pest insects! Vegetables Tomato and Cherry tomato. Skip to content.

Monitoring whitefly and thrips - Sticky traps plus scouting delivers best results

Another commercial source may be your local pest control company or a do-it-yourself pest control shop. Orchards Pear. What is a signal word? Yes, I want to receive personalized e-mails. Paint sample cards make good sticky traps. I have noticed a growing trend in the number of ornamental producers routinely scouting and changing traps every two weeks.

what makes a glue/sticky traps yellow

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what makes a glue/sticky traps yellow

Just apply the sticky substance to your yellow object and place it among your houseplants. Their best use is to detect pests, and monitor changes in pest abundance.

A Homemade Sticky Trap

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Like Loading... Even a yellow margarine tub will do. Heavy engine oil will work, as will Vaseline, honey, or a non-drying glue. Let's make things easier for you We can offer you more relevant advice, if you let us know where you are and what language you prefer. Email required Address never made public.

A paint sample card will work, as will a yellow index card.

Impact Board Yellow

Glue boards are messier than light-duty cardboard sticky traps, and the glue can be difficult to remove. Hence the best placement of a sticky card is in an out-of-the-way location in direct contact with a wall.

what makes a glue/sticky traps yellow

Sticky traps allow an inspector to detect pests that are active at night or other times when people are not present. Forgot your password? Maybe you have a yellow Frisbee that is no longer being used, or a yellow cup or plate.

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