What measuring tools do surveyors use

5.5 Land Surveying and Conventional Techniques for Measuring Positions on the Earth’s Surface

Automatic Levels. Once a distance from a control point is established, a person can calculate a distance by open traverse, or rely on a known distance if one exists. Demo 1: For these reasons, land surveyors rely on transits or their more modern equivalents, called theodolites to measure angles.

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what measuring tools do surveyors use

They are also used to mark points which must be seen from a distance, in which case a flag may be attached to improve the visibility. You might wonder how a control network gets started. Sometimes a special joint or a tally marker is attached every 5 metres.

what measuring tools do surveyors use

A modern total station. Figure 5.

what measuring tools do surveyors use

Ranging poles may never be curved. Surveyors Hand Tools. Although there are many varieties of compasses, they all fall into two main categories: A plumb bob consists of a piece of metal called a bob pointing downwards, which is attached to a cord see Fig.

A traditional transit once used by surveyors. A vernier compass has an adjustable scale that allows for the "setting off" of the magnetic declination and the compass can then directly read true north.

Often one surveyor operates equipment on a tripod while another holds up a rod some distance away. What the surveyors and their equipment are doing is carefully measuring angles and distances, from which positions and elevation can be calculated.

Ranging poles can also be home made from strong straight bamboo or tree branches. This is an example of a "chain" that is normally 66' long consisting of 100 links. If you're shopping for the best surveying equipment, we carry a wide variety of commercial-grade Surveying Tools.

Skilled surveyors could achieve accuracies of up to one part in 10,000 1 centimeter error for every 100 meters distance. Levels and Transit-Levels.

what measuring tools do surveyors use

While the purpose of the two is similar, as a general rule a theodolite is more accurate than a transit. An example of this technique is shown in Figure 5. Closed traverses yield adequate accuracy for property boundary surveys, provided that an established control point is nearby.