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El Pasoans again decided they didn't want to observe daylight saving time or be made to switch to Central time , and in January 1967 the city, county and chamber of commerce adopted a joint resolution of intent to keep El Paso on Mountain time.

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Current Time in El Paso, Texas (far west), United States

Trish Long: When I tried looking through El Paso Times microfilm from around that time , I didn't find anything, though I may have missed it, or been looking in the wrong place. First self-service truck stop started in El Paso.

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No change to The Uniform Time Act was made. See all posts from Tales from the Morgue. Put a free analog web clock for El Paso, Texas far west , United States on your page, customized to match your color scheme! Minor wanted to know why official Texas highway maps show El Paso in Mountain time when the law requires it to be in Central time.

The answer to the question is that El Paso has always been on Mountain time despite which time zone the federal government put it in. You can see that such a charge, when we are trying to get other areas of the country to obey the law, could mitigate against us.

In the same manner, the Secretary of Transportation may also place Hudspeth County, Texas, in the mountain standard time zone , if the Hudspeth County Commissioners Court so requests in writing and if El Paso County is to be placed in that time zone.

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Time in El Paso, Texas, United States now

On March 4, 1921, by authority of the secretary of transportation, El Paso, as well as the rest of the state of Texas, was placed in the Central time zone , but El Paso ignored the legislation for more than 40 years and continued to operate on Mountain time.

I'd love to see the Times' coverage of this switch. In short, the Department is in such a position that it can be accused of giving preferential treatment to one area.