Who elects the vise president of india

If on a ballot paper received by him in the first count, the second preference is marked for any of the continuing candidates, it shall be transferred to that candidate.

Election of The Vice President

The Returning Officer usually appointed to conduct the Vice-Presidential elections is the Secretary-General of either House of the Parliament, by rotation. Last Updated: Nomination papers are to be presented to the Returning Officer at the place and upto the time and date, specified in the public notice. Article 54 provides for the election of the President and Article 55 describes the manner of election of President.

The nomination papers are scrutinised on the specified date by the Returning Officer in the presence of the candidate and his proposer or seconder and any one other person duly authorised. How the Vice-President of India is elected: This is the only amount that is required to be deposited by a candidate irrespective of the number of nomination papers filed on his behalf.

The electoral quota is fixed by the following formula. Any person qualified to be elected and intending to stand for election as Vice-President is required to be nominated by at least 20 MPs as proposers and at least 20 MPs as seconders.

How is the Vice President of India elected? - Everything you need to know

Therefore, there is no constitutional provision for the impeachment of the Governor. Bumper bonanza! His first term began in August 2007, while the second began in August 2012.

He remains in office during the pleasure of the President. In terms of hierarchy, the Vice-President is higher than the Prime Minister and represents the country on foreign diplomatic visits too.

Vice President of India: Eligibility, Election, Power, Functions and Removal

A person is not also eligible if he holds any office of profit under the Government of India or a State Government or any subordinate local authority. The number of first preference votes secured by each candidate is ascertained. The person elected to the post also serves as a member of the Rajya Sabha and is the House's Speaker.

If on any such ballot paper, the second preference is marked for the candidate who has already been excluded in the second round, such ballot paper shall be transferred with reference to the third preference, if any, for a continuing candidate. Know how India will select astronauts for first manned space mission. Full details of Train 18 timings and stations on Delhi-Varanasi route.

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