You heard what happened rap

These are 6 reason to listen to rap and hip hop music. Like many millennials grinding out their 20s, I struggle with taking time to reflect, be present and thankful.

Have You Heard Rapper AZ’s New Single? It’s Fire!

Gratitude is a practice that can radically improve your life but is one that is often difficult to do consistently with the hustle and bustle of daily life. There is always room for improvement BUT I am also reminded that the grass is always greener. Listening to rap has reinvigorated me to reflect on the past experiences in my life and be thankful for them. Oh Lord, know yourself, know your worth… My actions been louder than my words… How you sold albums, still so down to Earth….

Listening to hip hop has reinvigorated my faith in the journey and that you must have faith that you are on the right path. Certain music brings back memories and teleports you to a time in your past where you heard that song and you associate it with a certain experience and the friends you were with.

you heard what happened rap

That tropical house song and that late night party in Cabo. I love listening to new, up and coming rappers with unique styles. On 0 to 100 , Drake says it best:.

It causes you to reflect and appreciate. Humble and rap are two words that are diametrically opposed.

you heard what happened rap

Rap teaches you to know your own worth. It truly offers a moment of release and clarity. Rappers embrace the grind. Be authentic.

you heard what happened rap

It has reminded me that I have immense value to offer in many facets of my life and business and that sometimes you need to let it loose and share it with the world. No worries about uppity neighbors or missing someone shouting your name. It has shown me the power that music can have in propelling you forward.

My point is that music has an amazing ability to conjure up memories and create nostalgia. As an entrepreneur, I have found humility and being under-estimated to be my greatest assets.

More than that, the effect that certain music and genres play in your life cannot be understated. Next Post.

That is something that no one else has and that I should be proud of and eager to share with the world when and where I feel like it. The healing power of bass! That is a choice you can make. That Dave Matthews song and summers in Virginia.