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It's the start of this summer's big badge boat bonanza, and 5 After Midnight pay a visit. Lindsey gets an exclusive look into the depths of the deepest sewage tunnel in the UK.

Blue Peter announces Doctor Who design competition winners

Big Iggy News! The Vamps and a Brand New Competition!

blue peter doctor who competition 2013 cbbc/bbc

Blue Peter viewers to design device for new series of Doctor Who. Further contest details will be revealed on the Blue Peter website after the launch on November 21. Three runners-up will also receive a framed photo and a signed picture of the actor they designed their gadget for.

Brand New Competition The team launch a huge new sporting competition.

Blue Peter

Search here. The biggest gap in Doctor Who canon, explained. Steven Moffat said that this was a beautiful design which was perfect for Strax: Books, Books, Books!

blue peter doctor who competition 2013 cbbc/bbc

Just in time for Easter, artist Jon Burgerman makes some fun egg splats. Lindsey goes head to head with England women's international Alex Scott.

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Orange Badge Special! Purple Power - it's your Badge!

blue peter doctor who competition 2013 cbbc/bbc

Barney conducts and Johny Pitt's Balloon ride Barney is challenged to be the conductor of a real life orchestra. Hetty Feather Fun! Radzi goes behind the scenes at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

blue peter doctor who competition 2013 cbbc/bbc

Featuring some furry Hollywood stars in the studio and delicious minion cupcakes. The winners of the competition — which was launched to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who - were 13-year-old Connor from Somerset, 11-year-old Arthur from Hampshire and 7-year-old Amber from Kent.

'Doctor Who' design competition launched by 'Blue Peter'

Lindsey faces her biggest fear - sharks! Extremes Blue Peter is in Switzerland and Lindsey reveals her epic new challenge.. Find out what it means to be chilly with epic liquid nitrogen experiments. It included an x-ray lens for seeing inside people and objects, a thermal lens for detecting people and a sonic light. Helen and Barney talk to top pop stars and lift the lid on how the music industry works.