How nhs reform goes round in circles

Our political discourse has not helped.

NHS reform: How many patients will benefit?

However, the new structure of the NHS commissioning board suggests it will try to fill the gaps left behind with regional and local offices. He also calculates that the bill for all these changes "could well be billions of pounds". Rising inflation rendered any extra money pledged by Phillip Hammond as futile, and NHS managers needed funding commitments earlier in the year so they could plan for this winter.

Stopping people going to hospital in the first place is the aim and if they have to be admitted, the priority is getting them home as fast as possible.

The NHS is under threat. Only a new model of care will save it

Before 1948, the have-nots feared ill health. Anna Dixon is director of policy for the King's Fund. The NHS has entered the worst winter crisis of its 70-year history. But with the NHS and social care run as different systems in England with separate funding streams, often collaboration has not been easy.

NHS reforms: what next for the health service?

Reuse this content. In some areas there is cynicism that after years of talk of integrated care there has been negligible progress. A shortage of doctors, nurses, beds and care packages for elderly patients means that black alerts, trolleys in corridors and dangerous safety levels for patients are at a peak.

It's the same story on the administrative side. But the NHS made an error from the start: Join the Guardian healthcare network to receive regular emails on NHS innovation. Whether these reforms deliver on the government's vision and have the desired impact of improving outcomes will depend on the actions of the newly created national and local organisations.

NHS reform: In the face of these challenges, the real risk is inertia — that leaders in the system resist the reforms but in so doing resist change. The political debate about the act may be over but the political repercussions if the health and social care system does not change to meet the unprecedented challenges it faces will be great. Terms and Conditions.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Our NHS needs a new model of healthcare. Social care services are in a state of paralysis. Expect more uncertainty as the government equivocates on the importance of overseas healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, New Labour's ubiquitous targets try to direct health care from Whitehall. Monitor will tackle anti-competitive behaviour where this is not in the interests of patients and the public, but its more interventionist powers have been removed. In UK News. Image caption The aim is to reduce admissions to hospital Billed as the biggest national move to integrate care of any Western country, radical changes are afoot in parts of the NHS in England.

Pressurising councils to freeze council tax at the height of austerity has compounded problems. Establishing clinical and financially sustainable providers: