How to build a better mousetrap car

See picture at the top of the Instructable for placement. Smaller power outputs produce less wasted energy and have greater efficiency.

how to build a better mousetrap car

Part of the AIM Media network. You will need to do a lot of testing and adjusting in order to perfect your vehicle's performance. Try not to have any extra frame material beyond what's necessary to keep your mousetrap and wheel axles in place.

If your mousetrap car is very heavy, it will require greater force to get it moving.

how to build a better mousetrap car

Friction should be maximized where needed where the string wraps around the axle and where the wheels contact the floor.

A Anonymous Sep 10, 2017. Use adult supervision.

mousetrap car design basics

Higher rates of energy output produce more heat and sound compared to smaller energy outputs. Reply 8 hours ago. Can you take the energy from a mousetrap and use it to power a car?

Doing this increases the structural strength of the car while minimizing the change to its air resistance and weight.

Use a narrow rear axle. You can see many different student efforts at the Mouse Trap Car Challenge web site.

how to build a better mousetrap car

Part of the engineering process is to develop an understanding of the mechanics of how things work, and to then apply that understanding to solve problems. The front wheel is a little less important — it can be large or small.

Attach the string to the hook and wind it backwards.

East students build a better mousetrap … race car

Assuming your car is a rear-wheel drive car, each time your rear axle turns, the rear wheels turn. Remember, to minimize drag, you're trying to give your car the narrowest, smallest profile possible.

How to make Mouse Trap Car - DIY

My 4-H Makers club will be experimenting with some 3-D printed parts this spring. Powered by Finalsite. Use a generous bit of glue to hold it in place.

Build a Mousetrap Car

Then you can try your hand at building a more complex car. The number one point of friction on any mousetrap car is where the axle system comes in contact with the frame of the vehicle. Learn more.

how to build a better mousetrap car

Carefully pull back the snapper arm until it reaches the other end of the trap. Cars created by these students went the farthest: