How to delete facebook notifications on phone

I used to play all the games, have over 1000 friends. What I want to do is to get rid of Pages Feed altogether, though I suspect this is something Facebook will not allow me to do. I don't even play FarmVille. Select a notification. She has covered web trends for Lifewire and previously About.

How to Delete Notifications on Facebook

Facebook saves all of your notification messages, but lists the most recent messages at the top of the list. I've clicked to edit the options of each subheading in each area, and I don't see comments anywhere. This will then give you the option to either hide all stories from that application or change how many stories you get from that person or hide all stories from that page. Help is at hand. But RSS is the best idea. At the same time you can also choose to disable any other notification from Facebook.

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It's described on the following FBP page: Thank you for your feedback! I still can't stop notifications from people who like or comment on articles I post replies to. It sounds like it's just suggesting people she may know rather than actually notifying her of a friend request.

how to delete facebook notifications on phone

For example the Close Friends feed or the feed for your school. I regularly check my preferences and settings.

Select See All Messages at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

how to delete facebook notifications on phone

You're reading my mind! Log in to your Facebook profile, and then click the globe-shaped icon in the top menu to open the Notifications panel. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? You can change your cookie settings at any time.

how to delete facebook notifications on phone

If you're using Firefox, you should just be able to open it in Firefox. The problem is that no matter what page I go to I'm followed by sometimes multiple small rectangular blue boxes marked with F Share in them and although they are somewhat small they are still very intrusive as I have to guess what some words are when reading an article because it's covering the words in a sentence or directly over a picture and when looking at a sales ad there's one on every item that's for sale on that page.

All I see are the main areas "How you get Notifications" and "What Notifications you get," and neither area has a comments thing. Use it all the time.

How to Remove or Delete Facebook Notifications

Share Pin Email. Can't see that option any more, unfortunately! We keep birth certificates for a lifetime but most other stuff has a more defined periods... I am getting porn notifications on fb,,, if I try to answer to just give them a piece of my mind, and tell them to bugger off, it just takes me to the site,, also there is no drop down arrow to delete those posts,,, what to do???