How to hold ping pong racket

Which Grip is Best for Basement Ping-Pong Players?

If you are contemplating taking up the sport for fun but with an eye to possibly getting competitive later on, then I would slightly modify my recommendations for which grip to use, by adding the shakehand shallow grip to my list, and ranking it just behind the shakehand deep grip. Updated January 16, 2019. If you're an offensive, direct player, a heavier paddle with thick, smooth rubber and a shake-hands grip will probably be your best bet. Rubber that has been worn thin loses a lot of its grippiness and spring, which will compromise your technique.

What is the difference of the black and red pads on table tennis rackets?

Grip Types in Table Tennis

Again, it's about learning your strengths and weakness as a player and finding a paddle that is suitable for you. Related Posts. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

For a classic shake hands grip, find a paddle with a thick, sturdy handle to give your stroke some authority. By holding the racket well up the handle towards the blade, you prevent the racket from moving very much in your hand, making the racket angle more consistent.

how to hold ping pong racket

Commercial paddles can be purchased cheap and are sometimes sold in pairs or packaged with ping pong balls included. Before even moving any further, as the name suggests, this grip is synonymous with grasping a pen intended for writing.

How To Hold A Ping Pong Paddle Correctly And Chinese Style

Forehand demands a lot of stamina and solid footwork. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. I recommend it because its variations are easy to familiarize with and hence getting used to the grip is much easier.

how to hold ping pong racket

Together, they cited information from 21 references. Essentially, the more certain you are that you will want to play competitively later on, the more I would lean towards recommending the shakehand shallow grip over the deep grip.

How To Hold A Ping Pong Paddles Correctly | Chinese Style

So let's see if we can explain a little more about what you need to consider when choosing a grip to play table tennis. The Disadvantages of Chinese style are: Most ping pong paddles have a thin sheet of rubber glued to the flat surface of the paddle. On the other hand, the penholder grip has different variations such as the Japanese grip and the Traditional Chinese grip. Replace your paddle's rubber regularly.

how to hold ping pong racket

Without a doubt, its growth has been in leaps and bounds. This extra racket speed is very useful for producing extra power and spin, which are extremely important in the modern competitive world of table tennis.