How to make a zerker runescape

Train your Attack and defence.

how to make a zerker runescape

Where should I train Ranged? This increases the strength, range, and magic bonuses to 17 and armour rating to 18.

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News Ticker. It is highly used, and is recommended for use in fights. The Tourist Trap 28.

Building a Zerker Guide - Make your own Berserker pure OSRS

Sign in Already have an account? You will gain some attack experience from this, as well as some thieving experience. Quest's To Get 45 Defense: Really an awesome guide, thanks man.

how to make a zerker runescape

I posted a link at the bottom of this guide, search the quest and it will tell you if boosts can be used for that quest. Plague City 6.

how to make a zerker runescape

Outfit Remember they are only examples. Reduction Junk chance None.

Rune/zerker Pure Guide

Death Plateau 25. Here some other ideas.

how to make a zerker runescape

Rune Defender: Start a Wiki. Well if your not sure by now or have no idea heres a perfect example of one- Example: Return to top.

Berserker ring

Rum Deal The Requirements: There are, again, many comprehensive guides for you to follow out there. However you only need 65 magic for the next step. But you didn't do the quest before and it gives you 5k defense exp, getting you 46.

how to make a zerker runescape